Tips to feel better today: Glute squeezes

Tips to feel better today. Stability exercise: Glute squeezes

These Glute Squeezes are one of my FAVORITE stability exercises!
Activate your glutes AKA butt muscles 🍑 😄
This exercise is SO easy – just squeeze your glutes together and hold for 3-5 seconds and release! You can do them seated or standing. This might not seem like much, but if you sit all day, your glutes likely aren’t “awake” and doing their job when it’s time to walk. They might not even be firing properly when you are doing other glute exercises.
Stability exercises are best practiced everyday, throughout the day. Unlike strength based exercises doing a few sets every few days won’t do the trick.  Stability exercises work on improving the brain body connection between your brain and your muscles.
I recommend doing 10 an hour every day will help to stabilize your lower back, pelvis, and legs which makes a majorly positive impact on mobility and pain control.