Tips for safe snow shoveling

Winter has arrived and snow is falling.  Which means snow shoveling.   Although snow shoveling may not be your favorite winter time activity it is necessary.  I am sharing some tips on how to shovel snow safely, so you can enjoy your favorite winter activities injury free.

Tips of safe snow shoveling

First of all, I recommend warming up properly before heading out to shovel.  I recommend taking a extra five to ten minutes to warm up.  This warm up doesn’t have to been complicated.  It can be as simple as jogging in place, walking around your house or you do some dynamic stretches.  The goal is here is to get the blood flowing so that the muscles and the joints are warm and ready for activity, which decreases the likelihood of injury.

Secondly,  make sure that you are aware of your body positioning and posture.  Make sure the you are using your legs to do the lifting not your back.  Square up your hips.  Make sure that your hips and shoulders are stacked over one another and in alignment.  Avoid twisting motions.  Instead of twisting and throwing the snow.  Pivot your body and then throw the snow.

In addition,  I recommend shoveling snow in small shifts rather clearing everything all at one time.  Especially if there is a significant amount of snow or if the snow is particularly wet, which makes it heavy and challenging to move.   Shovel for small chunks of times between to ten to fifteen minutes.  Then take a break head inside to rest, warm up and drink some water.

My final tip for snow shoveling safety is to stay hydrated.  Many people don’t drink enough water especially during the winter months because it is cold and the thought of drinking a cool glass of water doesn’t sound appealing.  I encourage you to drink plenty of water because it will keeps your muscles hydrated and joints lubricated which means your a less likely to get injured.