Chiropractic Mythbusters: Common vs Normal

Today we are going to be debunking a myth, that is out there in healthcare. And that often comes up in my office.  The dilemma of common versus normal.  We’re going be talking about this within the scope of health and your body.

It’s helpful to first define what the two terms actually mean because they are often confused. They are very similar, but they aren’t the same. Common is something that occurs often or is really prevalent.  While, normal when we’re talking about the body is something that, naturally occurs in the body when it is healthy and functioning as it is supposed to. It also indicates that the body is free from disease.

There’s a few different types of things that come up in my office fairly often. People are told that it is normal to have arthritis as you get older. They’re told that it’s normal to have aches and pain, such as headaches and back pain. They’re also told it’s normal to feel like you don’t have any energy, that you’re not going to sleep well , and that you are probably going to develop allergies. These are all very common in society, but they’re not necessarily normal.  There are  definitely things that we can do, lifestyle wise, Chiropractically and otherwise, that can prevent us from actually having some of these things, so they don’t have to be our normal.

I wanted to start that conversation and introduce the concept and put it out there for you consider and think about it. What do you want your normal to look like? If you want to create a new normal for yourself we are here to support you.  🙂